Crafters Forum Rules

Crafters Posting Board Rules

Please do not use the forum to advertise your products. You can advertise your products in the classified section; the forum is reserved for discussions and information shared between crafters.

To post comments, you must have an account at and be logged into your account. To login, use the login fields found on the top of every page.

We are going to leave this forum wide open. You can post urls to other websites, discuss how you market your products on other websites, discuss other craft websites, ask for reviews and help on your own website and most of the other things that other boards do not allow. We feel that limiting content would reduce the usefulness of the forum.

We will not remove posts unless we see them as a deliberate effort to redirect traffic to another website. Urls should be on topic and not just blatant advertising. Ultimately we will have to decide what is considered spam and what is considered honest discussion. We cannot monitor everything and are counting on you to help us. If you see a post and you suspect it is spam, please e-mail us with the information.

Post only messages that apply to this websites content. You may post about Crafts, Craft Shows, discussions about selling crafts, where to sell crafts and how to sell them and even how to make crafts. Basically, post information that has some value to other people using the website. Our definition of handmade crafts is broad. You can see a list of the categories by clicking on Browse in the menu bar.

Blatant spam will be removed and the offending poster's isp will be notified.

Hateful or rude comments will be removed. Do not harass members or make accusations about their product quality. Do not post any malicious comments.

We will monitor the board and remove spam and malicious comments toward this website and the people on this website. User accounts will be removed and any items in the classified will be deleted.

BumbleBee Works is a website hosting company. We know people like to share comments about their hosting systems and that is fine. But any claims must be accurate and not placed as ads by other services or isp's. Crafters can tell other crafters about who or why they use a website host. But we will remove competitors that just show up to solicit clients on Crafter's Buzz.

Do not come here to promote your own crafters directory website. You can discuss your site, but showing up and trying to divert traffic to your new site is uncalled for and rude. You will be banned and likely get hate mail from the forum members.

Please keep the board friendly and fun. Share ideas about marketing, sales, page building, local shows, how to make items and other topics. Typically these forums tend to draw scammers and spammers. We know most of the people will be sincere and considerate. So the rules are here as a guideline for posting, but in the end, we will remove stuff that we feel is not beneficial to this website.