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Metals and Such - 07/28/17 [ Shorten ]
New to the site, how does it look? - [Show All] Sat May 14 2016
 RE:Re: New to Site by CRAFTERSBUZZ
Searching for flat gemstones - [Show All] Sat Jul 3 2010
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AL'S TIN SHOP - [Show All] Tue Mar 11 2008
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 RE:Metals and Such by NDNSNOW
Jewelry items in my store - [Show All] Sat May 14 2016
Just Opened Here - [Show All] Sun Jan 7 2007
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 RE:More free sites by TIME2CRE8
 RE:Thank you by SASSYGLASS
 RE:welcome Sassy! by NDNSNOW
Any more jewelry artists here? - [Show All] Fri Dec 22 2006
 RE:any more jewelry artists here? by HURON
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 RE:Response to Mark by GIFTBEARER
 RE:Reply To Jewelstreet by GIFTBEARER
 RE:Reply To Laura by GIFTBEARER

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